BlackBerry Bold 9980 Next Evolution to TMobile Bold 9900

Remember the funky looking BlackBerry Bold 9980 that is said to be designed by Porsche? Well, more high quality photographs of the phone have surfaced again, and this time it is placed side by side with a T-Mobile Bold 9900 phone for comparison of size and parts. In addition to more detailed photographs about the phone, there are screenshots showing the phone powered on and running BlackBerry OS 7.
BlackBerry Bold 9980 spotted next to T-Mobile Bold 9900
If the phone was a fake or some “Shanzai” copy, whoever made it sure place a lot of effort into duplicating the operating system as well. In fact, it seems to be very much a BlackBerry phone wit if wasn’t for the futuristic looking keyboard and overall design. Perhaps it could have been a prototype model that never made it past the testing stages. What do you reckon of the Bold 9980? Check out the full set of comparison photographs.

BlackBerry Bold 9980 spotted next to T-Mobile Bold 9900, By Ubergizmo. Top Tales : Droid Bionic Review, Blackberry Bold 9900 Review,

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