Dell Launch Dell XCD28 Smart phone Review

Dell XCD28 Smart phone
Dell one of the well-known mobile phone maker has announced the launch of its new Smart phone namely, Dell XCD28 Smart phone. This smart phone is presented in the aim of stepping into the new world with its remarkable features and so it has been highly appreciated by its users and also known as all rounder gadgets which can be used for several applications and purpose. And for more satisfaction Dell has used an operating system named Android which was introduced by Google in this gadget. As far as the specification is concerned this gadget is know for its rock hard performance where it offers latest OLED touch screen display with 2.8 inches. The black stunning shade of the mobile attracts people’s attention where this gadget can be used professionally and fashionable at the similar time.

This gadget offers 2.8 inch display with feather touch screen for easy operations. This phone allows 16 GB of expandable memory and 200 MB of on-board memory which is more sufficient to store lot of data. And this gadget is set with a lot of Audio features which includes MP3 ring tones, vibrations and downloadable polyphonic, ring tones which are very pioneering. This phone offers outstanding battery life which is praiseworthy as it includes a standard Li-on battery that gives a huge talk-time and a long stand-by time on its 2G and 3G network. And as far as memory is compared Dell XCD28 offer 256 Mb of RAM for high speed performance and 512 Flash to play games with high Dell XCD28 Smart phone

And for connectivity this phone offers various applications which includes Bluetooth- Which is used to send or receive file (like audio, video, snapshots and so on) from another Bluetooth activated device, Wi-Fi connectivity- Which is used to connect to the friends with in the range and see their doing with the help of 3G, GPRS/EDGE connectivity is also enabled to connect with the world through Internet. In short we can say that the connectivity is also great with GPRS, build-in Bluetooth application, one micro USB and the last but not the least a 3G Wi-Fi system to connect to the world easily. And for more usability java is also enabled for using various java based application like software application, games and so on. This phone also contains all other features which standard phone contains like SMS option including MMS, Music player, Video Player, Sound recorder and High definition video recorder with camera of 3.2 Mega Pixel(also known as MP), pre installed games and so on.

With gadgets like Dell XCD28 which can handle several tasks of iPod or music player, Digital camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, Cellular phone and so on. We can get in real touch to distinguish commutation and communication where this gadget can also be said as the moral device for all wireless technology as it has unbeatable features (for now) in a single gadget or device. So if you are planning for mobile then we would suggest you this gadget as the best.[]

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