D-One Texas DM-309 Mobile Phone Review and Specifiction

D-One Texas DM-309
D-One a well-known global manufacturer of consumer electronics and IT gadgets has announced to launch its new Mobile Phone series namely, D-One Texas DM-309. The Texas DM-309 powered with a qwerty bar designs that are loved today. The size of the qwerty keypad buttons this phone is okay in terms of size, but unfortunately the distance between the keypad is too close to one another. Texas uses the navigation system trackpad is quite okay.

D-One Texas DM-309 mobile Design, on top of the phone seems a 3.5 mm audio port for headset usage needs. On the parts side there is a USB slot and the dedicated camera button is also volume control. D-one Texas wrapped plastic material and comes with a choice of 3 colors: red, black and white. The quality of plastic used is quite good, so we do not have to worry about the durability of this phone.new D-One Texas DM-309 This mobile phone has dual cameras that are both VGA quality. The resulting maximum resolution is 640×480 pixels. Unfortunately the camera is not equipped with a flash, but fortunately there is a choice white balance and night mode. Other features include functions that complement the camera effects, brightness, and multishot. There is also a function of the camcorder to record video with the highest reaching kualtitas 174×144 pixels, etc.

Besides the camera, there are also features a music player that can play MP3-formatted files with all settings sound effects are also a variety of other settings, and video player that can carry the formats MP4, AVI and 3GP. It also features an FM radio that can accommodate nine favorite stations. Radio feature comes with an automatic search function that can record live and on schedule.

Of course today’s mobile phones would not be complete without a web browser. Texas has a WAP-based web browser with automatic configuration, so users do not have to bother setting up this phone based on the SIM card. As usual we expect the existence of aggregation for instant messaging, and the D-One Texas there is a chat application with MSN and Yahoo Messenger services, etc.[cellphonemobile.org]

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