T-Mobile myTouch 4G Smartphone Android Review and Specification

T-Mobile has launches new smartphone which named as T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide, and powered by the best smartphone camera on the market. In fact, they’ve even gone as far as to say that it could replace your stand alone point and shoot. While we doubt the latter statement since it lacks a true flash, it does appear to be a contender to the ultra powerful iPhone 4 camera.
T-Mobile myTouch 4G Smartphone Android
That means no waiting to snap a pic. In fact, and after doing a bit of reading on the Net, the myTouch 4G Slide is constantly capturing the image into a cache. By hitting the dedicated shutter button it pulls the image from the cache associated with the time the shutter button was pressed. This insures that you can capture 8 megapixel photos consecutively without a missed shot. Something most smartphones, not even the iPhone can do. It also boasts an F/2.2, which means it can capture images in low light scenarios. However, don’t expect it to work in the dark or at the night club, though it does boast a dual-LED flash. Other camera features include a SweepShot to capture panoramic shots by sweeping across an entire scene in a single motion, and ClearShot HDR, which captures objects in bright settings so your photos are not affected by high-contrast lighting. Full 1080p video is also part of its arsenal of camera features.
new T-Mobile myTouch 4G Smartphone Android
Specs for the phone include a 3.7-inch touchscreen, 4G connectivity, instant photo upload access to Facebook and other photo sharing sites, a full slide out QWERTY keyboard, Android 2.3, a 1.2Ghz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and HTC’s Sense 3.0.

T-Mobile hasn’t said when in July it will go on sale, but we do know that it will cost $199.99 with a $50 mail-in-rebate after selecting a qualifying unlimited data plan.

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