Nokia Announces Symbian Belle (Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01, X7, E6 and 500) Mobile Phone Review

Nokia Announces Symbian Belle
Nokia launch the new version of Symbian 3 OS four months ago. And yesterday Nokia announced the new version of its mobile platform, Belle. It brings Symbian-powered devices to a new level, and I think that the famous “Symbian is a burning platform” has become an anachronism. Now Belle looks “alive” with its live resizable widgets. It means you can set the main widgets like clock, e-mail, music player, favorite contacts and the calendar in different sizes. Moreover, if Symbian Anna allows you to have three homescreens, Belle offers 6 homescreens.

The notification bar is now like an Android one, i.e. when you pull it down it shows incorporating settings and notification of incoming messages, missed calls and so on. That’s right Symbian has no relation with Microsoft, but Nokia’s deal with it affected not only on Windows Phone-powered smartphones. Now, thanks to Microsoft, Symbian Belle includes such apps as Lync, Sharepoint, OneNote, Exchange ActiveSync and PowerPoint Broadcaster.
New Nokia Announces Symbian Belle
Several days ago we introduced you new Symbian Belle smartphones, they all have an NFC functionality, I guess you caught up it became available due to Belle. Those phones that can be updated to Belle (I mean the Nokia N8, the E7, the C7, the C6-01, the X7, the E6 and the 500) will receive their update at Espoo time. For more details check out the videos below and let us know what you think about this update.

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