LG Optimus Net P699 Gelato SmartPhone Review and Price

LG Optimus Net P699 Gelato
LG has launch new Smartphone namely, LG Optimus Net P690 have several North American versions. LG has already stated that there would be a QWERTY-equipped Optimus Net for North America, although without saying for which carrier.

Now an Optimus Net (P699) with T-Mobile’s logo on it has been spotted over at the Bluetooth SIG. This looks pretty much like the Optimus Net P690 that’s bound to be launched in Europe, so it’s not a QWERTY device. It’s probably that LG OptimusII Gelato which appeared in a leaked T-Mobile roadmap several months ago.new LG Optimus Net P699 Gelato

Despite the fact that he P699 clearly has T-Mobile’s logo above the display, its Bluetooth SIG description reads “this model will be available on North America AT&T Market around August 2011.” We don’t know if that’s just a typo, or the handset will make it to AT&T as well. But we’ll probably find out soon.

Feature-wise, the LG P699 should bring Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 3.2 inch HVGA display, HSDPA, Wi-Fi hotspot capability, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, 3.2MP camera, and an 800MHz processor.[www.unwiredview.com]

Price : is still unknown at moment.

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