BlackBerry Colt QNX Smatphone Review, Specs and Price

BlackBerry Colt QNX
BlackBerry has launch new smartphone namely, BlackBerry Colt QNX. The Colt, will launch on schedule in Q1 2012, but in order to get the phone out on time, RIM has had to make some compromises. The first compromise is the presence of a single-core processor. At a time when dual-core processors are becoming commonplace and quad-core processors are around the corner, this could really hold the Colt back if true.One of the reasons for this was because RIM needs to rewrite its BlackBerry Enterprise Server code in order for it to support the new QNX operating system. Internal testing is currently taking place within RIM and sources say the software verification team is well into the process.

BlackBerry Colt QNXWhen looking at any of today’s high-end smartphones we expect to see a dual-core processor, however we are hearing that the internal testing of the Colt is with a single-core processor. As pointed out by BGR this could change before release and we think it has to, let’s face dual-core smartphones started showing up in early 2011 and we have already heard of handsets on the horizon which will boast dual-core 1.5GHz chips – surely a single-core smartphone can’t compete with this. Obviously you can argue that clock speed is useless without a well-written OS, and this is true, but we really fail to see how a single core QNX device will outdo Android etc combined with dual-core processors.

It is not all bad news, we can confirm that RIM plan to follow up the Colt with a dual-core QNX smartphone, also we are reliably informed that developers are hard at work on a QNX-specific BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the Colt probably won’t launch with this, therefore instead Microsoft Exchange users will have to use Microsoft ActiveSync instead (this will come pre-installed).

So there you have it folks some good and some bad news about RIM’s QNX smartphone release plans, we think that it is great that developers are working hard on things like BlackBerry Enterprise Server for QNX, but we don’t think consumers will be keen to agree a two-year deal in 2012 with a single-core device – do you?

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