Review Vitell V706 Frodo Mobile Phone with QWERTY Keypad

Vitell, one of the well-known mobile phone maker has announced the launch of its new mobile phone namely, Vitell V706 Frodo with a QWERTY keypad. The Vitell V706 comes with candybar design is simple yet eye-catching. The length of the phone is only 99 mm, very ‘short’ to type qwerty. Perhaps because it earned the nickname V706 Frodo, in accordance with the name of the protagonist in the story of Lord Of The Rings fantasy that the short stature. The size and composition of the keypad does not look special. However, when tested for typing messages, is very pronounced advantages of this type, ie all the nice button to push. With Vitell V706, users will be ready to enjoy digital TV features that can accommodate up to 60 channels anywhere and anytime. Overall, catches a signal to the image and sound pretty good. It’ll just be better if Vitell adds the ability to record broadcasts in progress.
new Vitell V706 Frodo Mobile Phone 2011
Other entertainment facilities is an audio player. The dial itself are standard, can only play MP3 files. Choice of setting the sound was quite okay, with the additional option to output mendebum bass. In its FM radio feature, this type can store up to 20 radio stations without the need to plug the earset for use antennas. For the record needs an image, Frodo equipped with a 1.3 Mpix camera. Camera shots of this phone is not very special. Of course, the camcorder features are present here.

Frodo V706 fairly good performance. Our team did not encounter any problems while trying this phone, even we were delighted with the presence of Vitell Application Store that gives fresh breath to the local phone market. Mobile use a battery with a capacity of 850 mAh.

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